Get Out In Front Of Your Followers

We are all aware of the importance of the know, like and trust factor in building your business. A really good way to do just that with your online community is to get out in front of them with video. Your videos don’t have to be expensively produced or even perfect. People want to see YOU, the real you. Show them your products, services, work space, clients/customers, your dog/cat. Show them what a day in your life looks like. People want to know who they are working with.

Below are some tips on creating your videos:

1. Lighting – Make sure your lighting is good. Don’t have a bright light behind you where you are in shadow. Try and have the light in front of you or on the product you are showing.

2. Be steady – You can hold your mobile device to record or do a live video but make sure it is steady. It’s frustrating to watch a shaky video. A little tripod works great.

3. Speak Clearly – Enunciate your words and speak slow enough to understand. That can sometimes be hard when you are nervous, but keep practicing, it’ll happen.

4. One message – Pick one key point you want to make on your video and stick to just that topic. Don’t bounce all over the place and confuse your audience.

5. Perfection not required – Your video doesn’t have to be perfect. We are all our own worst critic and often times will do a video over and over and over and over…….then never actually get one posted. Just do your video and get it out there! The more you do, the better they will become.

I hope these tips help you with having the courage to get out in front of your audience. Many of the videos you see are of people that are trembling inside but they are doing it. So can you!

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